Someone told me that reading is one way to feed our mind. I agree. Through this activity we learn, we gain knowledge about our world and the world beyond our own.

More so, I believe reading is also a way to feed our soul. Through reading, we learn more about ourselves, who we are as humans and what we are here for.

Reading novels has always been my outlet, more than writing. I describe it as my drug. I’d even chose it over ecstasy. I get lost in the drama, excitement, romance and mystery of every novel. It’s just my feel good activity.

Yeah, some novels have been turned to movies. Unfortunately, I don’t think there had been a movie that managed to be at par with the book they are based on. Movies are limited medium. Reading a book is still the better way.

With the fast paced lifestyle we all have now, you might not have time for reading. As an advocate of reading I say, you should make time. If you don’t want to spend a dime just to read a title, check out my blog entry, Download Free Novel Ebooks and use technology to keep reading.